Best Shampoo for Sisterlocks: A Guide

Understanding Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs

Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs are both popular low-maintenance hairstyles for black women. However, there are some key differences between the two that you should know before choosing the right style for you.

What are Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are a natural hair locking system that uses a precise grid pattern and a special tool to create small, uniform locs. They do not require any additional hair extensions, making them a great option for those who want to embrace their natural hair. Sisterlocks can be styled in various ways and can last for several years with proper maintenance. However, they do require more frequent retightenings compared to Belle Microlocs. You can learn more about Sisterlocks on their official website.

What are Belle Microlocs?

Belle Microlocs, on the other hand, use human hair extensions to create smaller locs for a fuller, longer look at the start of the loc journey. Founded by Tatiana Nchotu, who also created the popular Bomb Twists protective style, Belle Microlocs offer more installation options with single or double twists. They can last a month or two without needing maintenance, making them a more low-maintenance option compared to Sisterlocks.


Check out the Belle Microlocs website for more information.

Choosing the Right Style for You

When deciding between Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs, consider your hair type, lifestyle, and personal preferences. If you prefer a more natural look and are willing to invest in regular maintenance, Sisterlocks may be the better choice for you. On the other hand, if you want a fuller look with less frequent maintenance, Belle Microlocs could be the way to go.

Both Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs promote healthy hair growth and do not involve the use of chemicals. However, it’s essential to find a skilled professional to install and maintain your locs to avoid potential hair damage. Background checks and consultations are crucial when choosing a locktician to ensure they are trained and experienced in the specific loc technique you desire.

In conclusion, both Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs offer unique benefits and styling options for black women. By understanding the differences between the two and considering your personal preferences, you can make an informed decision on the best loc style for you.

Top Shampoos for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs

Finding the perfect shampoo for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs can be a game-changer in maintaining the health and longevity of your locs. With the right shampoo, you can increase moisture retention, reduce frizziness, and enhance curl definition. In this section, we’ll discuss the top shampoos for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs, their benefits, and how they help maintain these unique hairstyles.

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo is a favorite among loc wearers. It contains natural ingredients like Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, and apple cider vinegar. These ingredients work together to cleanse, moisturize, and strengthen your locs. The Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo is gentle enough for Sisterlocks and provides a high lather for Belle Microlocs, making it an excellent choice for both styles.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo

Another great option is Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo.


This sulfate-free shampoo is enriched with aloe vera, sweet clover, and rose extract, which help to hydrate and nourish your locs. The gentle formula is perfect for Sisterlocks, while the rich lather ensures that Belle Microlocs are thoroughly cleansed.

Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo

Made with raw black soap, tea tree oil, and plantain extract, Alikay Naturals Black Soap Shampoo is a fantastic choice for both Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs. This shampoo is pH-balanced and sulfate-free, ensuring that your locs are cleansed without causing damage or breakage. The natural ingredients also help to soothe and moisturize your scalp, promoting healthy hair growth.

Additional Recommendations

Other highly recommended shampoos for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs include Taliah Waajid, Dr. Bronner’s, and Mane ‘n Tail. These brands offer sulfate-free, pH-balanced shampoos that contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, and shea butter. By using these shampoos, you can help maintain and preserve the unique structure of your locs, preventing unraveling or breakage.

Remember, using the wrong shampoo can lead to damage and even hair loss. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a shampoo specifically designed for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs. In addition to using the right shampoo, other hair care practices like regular moisturizing, avoiding tight hairstyles, and minimizing heat styling can also help maintain your locs.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the best shampoos for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs, you can confidently care for your locs and enjoy their versatility, longevity, and low maintenance. Happy loc journey!

Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs is essential to maintain their beauty and promote healthy hair growth. In this section, we’ll provide you with some practical tips on how to properly care for and maintain your locs, including retightening, moisturizing, and conditioning.

Retightening Your Locs

Retightening is a crucial step in maintaining your Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs. It involves re-establishing the pattern of the locks using a special tool. This process can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it for the end result. Ensure you schedule regular appointments with a certified consultant to keep your locs looking their best. You can find a certified Sisterlocks consultant through the Proudlocks website.

Moisturizing and Conditioning

Regular moisturizing and conditioning are essential for maintaining the health of your locs. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and a lightweight conditioner to avoid product buildup. Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo are excellent choices for Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs. Remember, products that work well for one person’s hair may not work for another’s, so it’s important to experiment and find what works best for your hair.

Protecting Your Locs

Protect your locs from external elements, such as harsh weather conditions and chlorinated water.


When swimming, wear a swim cap to prevent damage from pool chemicals. Additionally, use a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and breakage while you sleep.

Styling Your Locs

Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs are highly versatile and can be styled in various ways, including updos and twists. However, avoid tight hairstyles that can cause tension on your scalp and lead to breakage. Embrace the natural beauty of your locs and experiment with different styles that suit your personality and lifestyle.

Embracing the Natural Hair Movement

The natural hair movement has become more popular, giving more opportunities for Black women to embrace their hair. Representation of diverse hairstyles in media and entertainment can help to normalize and celebrate natural hair. The CROWN (Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act, passed in 2019, protects Black individuals from discrimination based on natural hairstyles. Learn more about the CROWN Act and join the movement to support and uplift the natural hair community.

Incorporating these tips into your hair care routine will ensure your Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs remain healthy and beautiful. Remember, proper care for natural hair can prevent breakage and promote healthy growth. So, embrace your locs, and enjoy the journey of self-expression and empowerment that comes with rocking your natural hair.

Finding a Skilled Professional

Finding a skilled professional to install and maintain Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs is crucial for the health and longevity of your locs. A trustworthy expert can ensure proper installation, prevent hair breakage, and provide valuable advice on maintenance and care.

Begin your search by asking for referrals from friends, family, or acquaintances who have experience with these hairstyles. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be invaluable in locating a reliable professional. Additionally, explore online forums and social media groups dedicated to Sisterlocks and Belle Microlocs to gather insights and suggestions from fellow loc wearers.

Once you have a list of potential professionals, research their credentials and experience. Look for certified Sisterlocks consultants, as this certification guarantees they have undergone proper training and adhere to the patented technique. For example, Carmen Hutchinson-Miller is the only trained Sisterlocks consultant in Costa Rica, and her business Proud Locks offers installation and maintenance services to local and international clients.


When considering a professional for Belle Microlocs, inquire about their experience with this specific technique. While not patented like Sisterlocks, expertise in Belle Microlocs is essential for achieving the desired results.

Before committing to a professional, schedule a consultation to discuss your hair type, desired outcome, and any concerns you may have. This meeting will allow you to gauge their expertise, communication style, and whether they are a good fit for your needs.

During the consultation, ask about the installation process, maintenance requirements, and any additional services they offer, such as retightening sessions. It is also essential to discuss the cost of installation and maintenance, as prices can range from $500 to $2000 for Sisterlocks. While the initial investment may be high, the low-maintenance nature of these hairstyles can justify the expense.

Remember that proper installation and maintenance are critical to the health of your locs. Improper techniques can lead to hair damage, breakage, and even scalp issues. By taking the time to find a skilled professional, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of your Sisterlocks or Belle Microlocs, allowing you to enjoy a versatile, low-maintenance hairstyle that celebrates your natural hair.

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