The Day I Decided to Take Matters into My Own Hands: My Journey Towards Natural Hair Care

The Turning Point: Embracing Natural Hair

It was a day like any other when I realized that my hair care routine needed a change. The constant use of harsh chemicals and heat styling tools had taken a toll on my hair, leaving it damaged and lifeless. That’s when I decided to embark on a journey towards embracing my natural hair and discovering the best ways to care for it.

The decision to go natural was not only about improving the health of my hair but also about sending a positive message to my foster children. I wanted to show them that their natural hair was beautiful and worthy of love, just as it is. This personal journey led me to explore the world of natural hair care, which has become a booming industry in recent years.

One of the key aspects of natural hair care is using products that are free from harsh chemicals and focus on moisturizing and protecting the hair’s natural texture. Many Black-owned beauty brands, such as Carol’s Daughter, offer earth-friendly, quality products for various hair types. These brands have played a significant role in the growing diversity of the beauty industry, with more inclusive makeup products and hair care categories.


The natural hair movement gained momentum in the 2000s, thanks to social media and online communities that celebrate and educate about natural hair care. This movement has encouraged Black people to embrace their cultural roots and reject the idea that straight or Eurocentric hair is the standard of beauty. One notable example is the annual CURLFEST, the largest natural beauty festival in the world, created to elevate natural hair on a broader scale.

Going natural is not without its challenges, as it requires patience and dedication to learn new styling techniques and hair care routines. However, the triumphs of embracing one’s natural hair far outweigh the obstacles. As more people join the natural hair movement, it paves the way for a more inclusive and diverse beauty industry, where everyone’s hair is celebrated and cherished.

In the end, my journey towards natural hair care has been a transformative experience, not only for my hair but also for my self-confidence and sense of identity. I am proud to be part of a movement that empowers others to embrace their natural beauty and defy societal expectations.

Researching Natural Hair Care Methods

When I first decided to embrace natural hair care, I knew I had a lot to learn. I started by exploring different techniques and products that could help improve the health and texture of my hair. One thing I discovered was the importance of using natural methods, as chemicals and synthetic ingredients can often damage hair.

I found that natural hair care products often contain fewer preservatives and harsh chemicals, making them gentler on the scalp and hair follicles. Additionally, the use of these products has been linked to a decrease in hair breakage and improved hair elasticity. I was excited to learn about the various benefits of different natural ingredients, such as essential oils and plant extracts.

For example, I discovered that lavender and rosemary essential oils not only promote hair growth but also have calming effects on the mind and body. I also learned about the benefits of aloe vera for promoting hair growth and hydrating the scalp, as well as tea tree oil for reducing dandruff and promoting a healthy scalp.

I found countless DIY natural hair care recipes online, which allowed me to experiment with various ingredients and techniques. This experimentation helped me find the best hair care routine for my individual needs.


I also consulted with a professional who provided personalized recommendations based on my hair type and concerns.

During my research, I learned that natural hair care is a growing trend, with many people transitioning from chemical-based hair care to more sustainable and environmentally friendly options. I was inspired by the stories of others who had made this switch and the positive impact it had on their hair health.

I also discovered that many natural hair care companies prioritize using sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and packaging in their products. For example, Aveda is a company that focuses on using natural ingredients and sustainable practices in their hair care products.

In conclusion, researching natural hair care methods has been an enlightening and empowering journey for me. I have learned about the benefits of various natural ingredients, experimented with different techniques, and consulted with professionals to create a personalized hair care routine that works for me. I am excited to continue learning and sharing my journey with others who are interested in embracing natural hair care.

Creating a Personalized Hair Care Routine

Embarking on my natural hair care journey, I realized the importance of developing a personalized routine that caters to my unique hair needs. This meant understanding my hair texture, scalp condition, and lifestyle to create a customized plan that promotes healthy hair growth and prevents damage.

Discovering My Hair’s Unique Needs

To begin, I delved into researching my hair type and the specific needs associated with it. This process involved learning about the various hair textures, porosity levels, and scalp conditions that can affect the overall health of my hair. I also took into account my lifestyle and personal preferences when selecting products and techniques for my routine.

Exploring Personalized Hair Care Solutions

During my research, I discovered innovative companies like OurX, which uses AI and proprietary algorithms to provide personalized hair care regimens for textured hair. By filling out a survey about my hair, scalp, lifestyle, and current routine, I was able to receive a recommended product routine and be paired with a hair coach.


This bespoke approach to hair care was a game-changer for me, as it offered tailored solutions that catered specifically to my hair needs.

Building My Customized Hair Care Routine

With the help of my hair coach, I was able to create a customized hair care routine that included deeply nourishing formulas with potent ingredients to revitalize my strands, stimulate hair follicles, and create a well-balanced scalp environment for hair growth. I also incorporated tools like a scalp massager to help stimulate hair follicles and support my hair growth efforts.

Embracing the Power of Community

Throughout my journey, I found solace in connecting with others who shared similar hair care experiences. I discovered that trust can be built through grassroots strategies and authentic influencer partnerships, rather than relying on celebrity endorsements. This sense of community and support has been instrumental in my natural hair care journey, as it has provided me with valuable insights, tips, and encouragement along the way.

Incorporating a personalized hair care routine has not only improved the health of my hair but also boosted my confidence and self-esteem. By understanding my unique hair needs and embracing a customized approach, I have been able to overcome challenges and celebrate triumphs in my natural hair care journey.

The Challenges and Triumphs of Natural Hair Care

Embracing natural hair care comes with its fair share of challenges and triumphs. The journey to healthy, beautiful hair requires patience, dedication, and the willingness to learn from both successes and setbacks.

One of the most common obstacles faced in the natural hair care journey is finding the right products and techniques for your unique hair type. This process can be time-consuming and frustrating, but it is essential for achieving optimal hair health. Conducting market research and seeking advice from professionals can help you identify potential brands and manufacturers that align with your hair care needs.

Funding for research and development, production, and marketing costs can be obtained through venture capital, angel investors, or crowdfunding. For example, Central Outreach Wellness Center focuses on culturally competent care, including comprehensive gay and transgender healthcare, which can be a valuable resource for those in the LGBTQIA+ community seeking hair care guidance.

Another challenge is obtaining regulatory approval for new skin care formulations. Setting up a lab facility and obtaining necessary approvals is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficacy of products. Developing product prototypes and testing them for safety, efficacy, and stability is an essential step in bringing new products to market.


On the other hand, the triumphs of natural hair care are numerous. Embracing your natural hair texture and style can lead to increased self-confidence and empowerment. Sharing your journey with others can also inspire and support those who are just beginning their own natural hair care journey.

For example, Compton’s Table aims to create a thriving queer community by empowering queer youth and young adults to be agents of sustainable change. They provide a safe space to access resources, including hair care tips and workshops for different hair textures and styles.

Incorporating self-care practices, such as yoga, can also contribute to overall hair health. Specific poses like Adho Mukha Svanasana and Sarvangasana have been found to be beneficial for hair health.

In the end, overcoming obstacles and celebrating successes in the natural hair care journey is a rewarding and transformative experience. By nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation, individuals can tap into the expertise and talents of professionals and team members to achieve their hair care goals.

Sharing My Natural Hair Care Journey with Others

Embracing my natural hair care journey has been a transformative experience, and sharing it with others has become a passion of mine. I’ve discovered the power of community in supporting and inspiring others on their own hair care journeys. In this section, I’ll share how I’ve connected with others and offered guidance through my experiences.

Building a Supportive Community

I began by connecting with others on social media, joining groups, and following influencers who share their natural hair care journeys. One company that has been instrumental in my journey is Mayvenn, a family-owned hair extension company that offers high-quality products and resources for natural hair care. Their mission to inspire and support people in their natural hair care journeys resonated with me, and I’ve learned a lot from their blog posts, videos, and social media content.

Sharing My Experiences and Knowledge

As I gained confidence in my natural hair care routine, I started sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. I created my own blog and social media accounts to document my journey and offer advice on natural hair care techniques and products.


I also participated in online forums and discussions, exchanging tips and tricks with others who were on similar paths.

Empowering Others Through Education

I believe that knowledge is power, and I’ve made it my mission to educate others about natural hair care. By staying updated on industry trends and techniques, I can offer the best advice and guidance possible. I’ve also collaborated with industry experts and beauty influencers, such as those from Mayvenn, to provide top-notch advice on hair care and styling.

Creating a Positive Impact

The most rewarding aspect of sharing my natural hair care journey has been witnessing the positive impact it has on others. I’ve received messages from people who were inspired to embrace their natural hair and start their own journeys. Knowing that my experiences have helped others find confidence and self-love in their hair care journey is truly gratifying.

In sharing my journey, I’ve learned that an open and inclusive mindset, coupled with a desire to learn and grow, is critical to success in the natural hair care community. By connecting with others, sharing our experiences, and empowering each other through education, we can create a strong and supportive community that celebrates the beauty of natural hair.

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